5-a-side football – the most beneficial pastime

Posted on Mar 11, 2016

Football is the most beloved sport in the world being attended by millions of people. The beautiful game provides an immense opportunity to keep fit and researchers claim that it is better for the health in comparison to going for a run or lifting heavy weights. The good news is that you can continue playing this sport until you are 50 as long as you take care of yourself. But do you know what is even more beneficial than the full-scale game? The answer is 5-a-side football. If you want to get a vigorous workout, then you should play 5 aside football in London. Some of the results will surprise you.


Not a game of contact

Playing 5-a-side football is great because you do not have to worry about avoiding the hard tackles that are specific to 11-a-side game. Taking into consideration that most players are required to go home after the competitive day, many players prefer to move around and pass the ball to gain an advantage instead of fancying that they have the individual dribbling talent of Lionel Messi. What is more, some of the rules have been changed so as to suit the pitch and the type of game that is being played. The game is a lot faster than 11-a-side because there is no more offside, which means that persons in their 40s and 50s can play. They will not have to make a great effort since they can hang around in specific zones.

A far better form of exercise

The fact is that there are over 70 research articles that point out that this small-sided footy is better compared to other forms of training. According to the conclusions, football is a type of training that is intense, versatile and of course effective. Football is basically the only sport that combines endurance, high-intensity training and strength training. The stop-start nature of the game helps you build long-term fitness and burn fat. Within the small pitch, you have to play the ball very quickly around the ground at high speed. Since the pitch is relatively small, each player is provided the opportunity of becoming involved in the game. There are ball touches and technical actions that you will not see very often in an 11-a-side situation.

Not only merely fun

The effect of 5-a-side on blood pressure is impressive. After a couple of months of training, your blood pressure can decrease up to 10mm, the result being similar to treatment with pills. In addition to this, the risk of cardiovascular disease is lowered by 50%. Football could be recommended as a complementary treatment for health problems since it affects numerous cardiovascular risk factors, including oxygen uptake, heart function, cholesterol and even fat mass.

Effective mental release

Besides the physical benefits of playing 5-a-side, your overall flow will be increased. By “flow” it is understood the optimal state that arises when you are immersed in a challenging task. You usually get this feeling when you are fully focused or when you are happy. Experiencing flow regularly will help you lead a better life. Football is a sport that demands concentration and makes you engage your brain as you do if you were to solve a problem. The truth is that after having practiced the sport for some time, you will feel ten years younger.