Abaya etiquette – fashion mistakes to avoid

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

While for some women Abayas are part of their daily wardrobe, for others is just a glamorous overlay that makes their outfits stand out. Regardless of the reason why you choose to wear these fashion elements, you need to be aware of the mistakes that can be made, which can ruin your overall look. When it comes to buying and wearing closed Abayas, you should learn a few fashion tricks, and avoid making the following fashion mistakes:


Appropriate size

If you are buying your Abayas on the internet, and not customizing them, it might be impossible to find ones that are neither too long, and sweeping the floor, nor too short, leaving your feet uncovered. If you are not able to find a size that is suitable for your height, make sure to customize it at a tailor before wearing it.

Arm length

The sleeve length is equally important to that of the hem. A sleeve that is too long, or too short, can ruin your entire look, and it can also become uncomfortable throughout the day. The sleeves of the dress should end just around your writs, for an impeccable and convenient Abaya fashion look. So make sure you do not neglect this aspect.

Quality matters

Last but not least, remember that quality always matters when it comes to clothing items, and for Abayas in particular. Make your purchase from a supplier that can guarantee the high quality of the items sold, and read the product descriptions carefully. See from what fabric the Abaya has been designed, and decide if this ix the best option for you. The quality of a clothing item of this kind is noticeable. Also, remember that jus like any other clothing element, Abayas are seasonal, so make sure you buy and wear something appropriate for the current weather. During winter for example, you should opt for wool or bisht Abayas, while for summer, silk, cotton or linen ones are more appropriate.

Regardless if you wear Abayas on a regular basis, or you just like accessorizing your outfits with this type of fashion item from time to time, it is necessary to know  few etiquette rules, in order to avoid making fashion mistakes. Now that you know a few tips on the topic, what is left to do is search for the perfect Abayas online. You will easily find an online store that sells these types of clothing items of top quality and affordable prices.