Be creative: ideas for marquee weddings

Posted on Jul 29, 2016

Nowadays, it is very common to host an outdoor wedding in a marquee. Everyone does it and for all the right the reasons. Wedding marquees hire London services can be very professional and you could have the event of your dreams, if you decide to get involved. First you have to do the research, check the market and see what options you have in terms of wedding marquee providers. Once this is completed and you have found the right partner to collaborate with, then pass on to phase two of the process, which is coming with great ideas for the actual event. Here are three such suggestions that could come in handy, especially if you are planning your own wedding. Maybe some will fit.

Choose a theme

There will be no wedding held in a marquee without a proper theme. This is one essential detail for your event, an aspect that could completely change the way you and your guests perceive the event. If you want a traditional wedding, then you might as well head out to a restaurant. If you want something different, you go to a marquee event. Before the bride and groom step in the picture, all you have is big white tent. However when the theme is decided upon, your story can begin. You can start thinking about decorations, menu, music, invitations and of course the dress and the suit. The theme is the one that keeps things together.

Go for a simple buffet

Rather than choose the restaurant style menu, with different dishes brought to the tale, you could go for a buffet, with small types of food, appetizers, and dazzle your guests with a storm of tastes. Offer them multiple choices so they will feel spoiled. Guests always consider the aspect of food when invited to wedding. So, you should expect for the menu to be carefully analysed. However, you can’t go wrong with finger food and appetizers. Still, if you want to be safe, add a cocktail bar. Hire an experienced bartender to mix up a few drinks.

Invest in fireworks

Since you are organizing an outdoor event you should invest in fireworks. Take advantage of the fact that you are not in a restaurant. Surprise your guests with a lovely show. Fireworks are a great way to celebrate a wedding. If you search the market thoroughly, you will find companies that can put together something really amazing. When the clock strikes midnight, invite your guests outside and let the fireworks start.