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While for some women Abayas are part of their daily wardrobe, for others is just a glamorous overlay that makes their outfits stand out. Regardless of the reason why you choose to wear these fashion elements, you need to be aware of the mistakes that can be made, which can ruin your overall look. When it comes to buying and wearing closed Abayas, you should learn a few fashion tricks, and avoid making the following fashion mistakes:


Appropriate size

If you are buying your Abayas on the internet, and not customizing them, it might be impossible to find ones that are neither too long, and sweeping the floor, nor too short, leaving your feet uncovered. If you are not able to find a size that is suitable for your height, make sure to customize it at a tailor before wearing it.

Arm length

The sleeve length is equally important to that of the hem. A sleeve that is too long, or too short, can ruin your entire look, and it can also become uncomfortable throughout the day. The sleeves of the dress should end just around your writs, for an impeccable and convenient Abaya fashion look. So make sure you do not neglect this aspect.

Quality matters

Last but not least, remember that quality always matters when it comes to clothing items, and for Abayas in particular. Make your purchase from a supplier that can guarantee the high quality of the items sold, and read the product descriptions carefully. See from what fabric the Abaya has been designed, and decide if this ix the best option for you. The quality of a clothing item of this kind is noticeable. Also, remember that jus like any other clothing element, Abayas are seasonal, so make sure you buy and wear something appropriate for the current weather. During winter for example, you should opt for wool or bisht Abayas, while for summer, silk, cotton or linen ones are more appropriate.

Regardless if you wear Abayas on a regular basis, or you just like accessorizing your outfits with this type of fashion item from time to time, it is necessary to know  few etiquette rules, in order to avoid making fashion mistakes. Now that you know a few tips on the topic, what is left to do is search for the perfect Abayas online. You will easily find an online store that sells these types of clothing items of top quality and affordable prices.

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Golf is more known to be the game of the rich, but truth is it is more a game of patience that everyone can play. Beginners may find getting it started a little bit daunting, since they have to consider various important aspects, such as buying equipment, taking some courses, looking for a reliable local club and choosing one of the best golf membership offers available. Here is a very useful step by step guide that will help you get from beginner to golfer.


First, learn more about golf

In order to become a golf player you have to know what this sport is all about, right? Well, probably the best way you can learn more about it is to enrol in some golf courses, so do some research on the internet and look for the closest golf club in your region. Check their golf course offer and see whether or not it matches your needs and budget.

Do not buy equipment until you go to course

Many golf beginners make the big mistake of buying equipment before they go to their first course. Experts in the domain recommend that you buy the necessary equipment only after you have been to the first course, since the instructor is going to provide you some very useful information on how to choose the right golf equipment for beginners. In case the course requires you to come with your own golf putter, you should consider asking the employees of the store where you buy the putter for some professional advice to help you select the right one.

Pay attention to instructions

While you are at the course, make sure you pay great attention to the suggestions the golf instructor provides you and try to do exactly as they say. Watch their moves and try to imitate them as much as possible, since these are the first steps into the golfing world. Do not forget to enjoy the game a little bit, though!

Become a golf club member

If you have already played the game several times, it is a good sign and you probably like the game. Well, what you have to do next is to get a golf club membership and play the game as often as you want. Ask the golf club in your region about their available offers on membership and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.


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The practice of 5-a-side football often leads to injuries, reason why most parents do not let their children on the field. Should this be enough to keep your child from playing the sport that he loves? In fact, it should not. The truth is that 5 aside football injuries are not as traumatic as those produced by, say, rugby. A parent who allows his son to put on a shoulder pads and play rugby is actually risking his life. Players are frequently diagnosed with concussions and it is quite hard to prevent them. Similar to any sport, 5-a-side inherits some form of danger, but it is not nearly as dangerous as other sports. The worst that can happen is a mild ankle sprain. 5-a-side is safe for youngsters who wish to learn how to tackle the ball, not to mention that it is the greatest form of exercise. Nothing bad will happen to your child if he enters a 5 aside football leagues London. If you are still not convinced, may the following information will.


Look beyond the evidence

A lot of work has been carried out recently to prove that playing sports is just a waste of money and that only injuries can come out of playing them. Of course evidence does not lie, but this does not necessarily mean that you should place your kid in a bubble. Accidents only happen to a few players and your child can learn how to prevent them. By sheltering your kid, you will not protect him from all the dangers in the world. Children can trip and fall down the stairs or they can get injured while crossing the street. The point is that the world is full of hazards and accidents occur whether we like it or not. What you should take into account is the fact that by denying your kid the pleasure of playing 5 aside you will encourage him not to anything out of fear that he may hurt himself.

Tips to avoid 5-a-side football injuries

Taking into consideration that injuries can strike without any warning, you should teach your child how to avoid them. The first thing your kid needs to learn is that he will have to wear the right equipment. For instance, shin pads will protect your child from shin splints, which means the tenderness in the bones located alongside the shin bone. Footwear is equally important. They do not need to be stylish, but practical. Pre-match warm up is often ignored, so it is important that your kid will cram this into his schedule. Last but not least, you should make sure that he engages in regular exercise. If he sits in front of the computer all day long, he will definitely have problems due to difficulty of movement.

Why is 5-a-side football the best sport?

Small sided football is growing in popularity among youngsters and it is not hard to understand why. It is better than the 11-a-side game in the sense that the player has full control of the game and he gets the chance to touch the ball more often. Basically the player will not just stand on the field waiting for teammates to pass to him. Equally important are the health benefits. Out of all the sports, 5-a-side ensures the highest level of fitness. This recreational sport includes a great deal of tackling and shooting, which ultimately improves the health.

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Fitting back into their clothes is a fantasy that many women have to fulfil six months after giving birth. However, you can achieve this dream in less than six weeks after giving birth. Not only will you be able to fit your jeans, but you will be lighter and a size smaller than before you had the baby. You can get your figure back in six weeks after pregnancy with a personal trainer. With the help of a personal trainer from a Keysborough gym, you will manage to shift the surplus post-pregnancy weight.

What should you expect when you are no longer expecting?

Imagine the following scenario: you are pregnant for 9 or 10 months and the following day you are not. It is hard to come to a good understanding of the shift that takes place in your body. The human body is basically a master of adaptation, which means that it can grow and then revert back to its pre-growing phase. Post-pregnancy workouts are essential for your well-being, but there is a lot you have to consider. You should wait about six weeks before getting back to the gym. There are many aspects that can possibly affect your return date, such as infections or postpartum depressions.

Light activity

Depending on your history of exercise and your current postpartum condition, the personal instructor will determine how much exercise should take place in your initial sessions. It is not that you will be treated as if you are sick, but you have gone through a major physiological event and you will inevitably be exhausted. In the beginning, you will be working at a low volume. It is all about training smarter, not harder. You learn how to exercise correctly, but you will do so in a way that will leave you feeling energised. You will feel better when you walk out than you felt when you walked in.

How you get rid of the mummy tummy

The first thing that you will learn is how to breathe again. The chances are that you are breathing through your chest and shoulders, which is destructive for your posture and your ability to stabilise the core. Once you learn how to breathe properly, your ribcage will be aligned in a better position over the pelvis. Only now will you get proper abdominal compression. You may feel that there are no abdominal contractions left, like if you has abdominal amnesia. Since the muscles have been overstrained, they will not know how to turn on anymore.

After reprogramming the pelvic floor with breathing exercises, your personal trainer will encourage you to do low level exercises and carry exercises that will help you with aligning the core muscles. In terms of exercises, supine crouching and flexion movements will be avoided at all costs. Kegel exercises as well as pelvic floor contraction will be incorporated into your daily exercise routine so as to avoid leakage accidents.

By following the exercises that your personal instructor gives you, you will have your body back in six weeks. A personal trainer’s program works and it is a blessing for sleep-deprived new mothers.

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Fit dance classes have become a popular choice nowadays and more and more people have decided to go to such classes. Whether the reason is that they want to lose weight or that they just want to stay fit, it is important to go to a professional and reputable gym, where instructors can ensure you will benefit from the best results after attending fit dance classes. Many popular gyms, as it is the case of Gym St Agnes, have well prepared instructors who know how to help their gym members via these classes. Here are the main healthy benefits of fit dance.

It is good for joints and bones

It is commonly known that fitness helps you maintain that great silhouette, but if you add a touch of dancing, your body will have much more to win out of this activity. Dancing combined with fitness helps you have stronger bones and more lubricated joints, since your body moves a lot during these classes. This is a great method to prevent or sometimes even treat arthritis or osteoporosis.

Your blood pressure improves

As it was previously mentioned, dancing implies a lot of movement and this also helps your blood circulation improve. It is worth mentioning that certain research has indicated the fact that it is absolutely necessary for doctors to measure both good and bad cholesterol levels before determining their patient’s health. Besides the fact that it keeps you fit, dancing also helps your body in keeping the lipid level within normal limits. This type of activity is also beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes.

A great way to lose weight

Those who struggle with a few extra pounds agree that no matter what diet or other method they have tried, everything was in vain. However, things can change if they enrol in fit dance classes. Dancing and fitness are a great mixture that can help you lose those extra, unwanted pounds and get in great shape for summer. Besides, you also have fun while attending these classes, since all you have to do is dance.

It helps you get rid of stress

No matter where you work, it is for sure that you have had at least one day a month when you felt like you could not cope with the high amount of work anymore. Fit dance classes can actually help you reduce stress and tension you have gathered after a long day at work.

It is good for the memory

Believe it or not, fit dance classes come with some great benefits not only for your body, but also for your brain, because it can actually improve your memory. The reason is simple: you have to recall routines, or specific moves you learn every day and do them again whenever you go to those classes. This great memory exercise helps you stay young, quick and alert for years.

As you can see, these are the main healthy benefits that fit dance classes bring to both your body and mind. It is recommended to go to a professional gym in order to benefit from the best results.

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