More and more people nowadays have started to understand the benefits that come with hiring wedding suits instead of buying them. The greatest advantage is that it is a lot more cost-effective solution. It is commonly known that brand new wedding suits can sometimes cost a fortune. This is when companies providing wedding suits for men to hire come into the scene and save the day. However, it is essential you consider these dos and don’ts when hiring your first wedding suit.

Do your research thoroughly

The first thing you have to do the moment you decide to hire a suit for the wedding you will be attending in a short period is detailed online research. The number of companies providing this type of services is quite high, which makes it difficult for some people to opt for the best choice. Start with making a list of the companies you have found in your region and compare them to each other in terms of types of suits available, price and terms and conditions of hiring contract for instance. This will make things a lot easier for you.

Don’t opt for the cheapest suit

Prices vary a lot when it comes to wedding suits for hire and they are able to cover every budget. However, choosing the lowest price on the market may not be the best option for you. Even though you find a suit to hire at an incredibly low price, you should reconsider your options. After all, if you want to make a good impression and to stand out at the wedding wearing a brand suit, you may have to pay a little more on it.

Do ensure it fits you

Whether you opt for hiring a wedding suit from an online store or from a land-based one, it is essential you ensure it perfectly fits you. In the case of land-based stores it is much simpler because you go to the store and try the suit on. For online stores though, you may have to consult the size guide available on the site.

Don’t forget to leave a review

Regardless the company you choose to hire your wedding suit from, it is recommended you leave a review once you have the suit returned. Believe it or not, these reviews are extremely helpful to those who want to know more about the quality of products and services that specific company provides. This can help people make the best decision.

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Myths about hiring a wedding suit

Myths about hiring a wedding suit

Posted on Feb 2, 2017


Wedding day, known as the busiest day for both bride and groom, has also become the day when people spend a lot of money. But in order to make savings, there are some alternatives that they should take into consideration.  For example, a groom can hire his suit, instead of buying it. On the other hand, it is also true that there many people who think that hiring a wedding suit is not a good alternative because of some myths. Here are the most common of them.

Myth: Hiring a wedding suit can bring you bad luck

The only thing hiring a suit will bring you is just some extra money. Look for cheap wedding suit hire and you will have nothing to worry about. The money that you save can be used for having fun in your honeymoon or for investing in accessories such as a tie or a bow tie. Moreover, there are persons who say that smart people do not believe in superstations because they were invented by those who are not confident enough.

Myth: There are only out of fashion wedding suits models from where you can choose

This is also a myth. Fashion designers say that there are plenty of options for grooms and the only thing they have to do is to decide which the one that suits them best is. Also, taking into consideration the bride’s dress is an important aspect. Experts say that when you do not know which the perfect suit for you is, there are two things that you can do: matching it with your future wife’s dress or checking the trends. However, the last thing can be easily done by reading a fashion magazine.

Myth: Even if you hire the suit, you will still have to buy the shirt and the other accessories.

This is not entirely true, due to the fact that there are companies which offer you the entire outfit for your wedding day. This means that you do not have to worry about buying a shirt or accessories like the matching handkerchief. But in order to make sure that everything goes fine, check the delivery time. Nothing is more annoying than finding out that you have nothing to wear in your wedding day.

Myth: In case something happens to your hired wedding suit, you will have to pay a fortune for it.

Well, we cannot say precisely if this is a myth or not, because it also depends on the company that you choose. This is the reason why, you should discuss this important aspect, before taking the suit home. Usually, you will have to sign a rental agreement or to receive a tax receipt.

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As a parent, buying the right clothes for your kid is probably one of your main concerns. But besides worrying about details such as choosing the right size, there are other more important aspects to pay attention to. Next time you are online shopping for your kid, you should consider choosing designer boys clothes for a change. If you are wondering why you should spend extra money to purchase designer items over regular ones, then keep on reading, and you can reach your own conclusion:


Higher Quality

The first and probably strongest reason why it is worth spending a bit more money on designer clothing items for children is the quality. Because important brands have a reputation to maintain, they will take care of every detail necessary in order to offer you the best quality possible. This means the fabric used and the way the items are sewed will always meet buyer’s expectations. Moreover, the fabric of the clothes you dress your kids with is highly important for more than just durability. A clothing item created from a fabric of poor quality can cause unwanted skin rashes extremely easier, because a child’s skin is far more sensitive that of an adult. So if you want to avoid such an unpleasant situation, always put quality above of everything. If you have ever worn designer clothes yourself, then you probably already know the difference. From the close to perfection stitching to attention to detail, the difference is more than visible. Moreover, you can feel the quality of the items when wearing them, and because it is extremely important for your kid to feel comfy when wearing something, this is certainly the best option you have.

Cooler designs

Although you may not realize it, kids enjoy having their own fashion sense, and they will probably not feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt they do not like. Moreover, studies have shown that allowing kids to choose their own outfits after a certain age has an important role in child development. When opting for designer clothes, you have a wider range of cool designs to choose from, and your kid will definitely love those unique prints from an artistic designer.  A cool t-shirt or blouse will make your child feel more special, allowing them to stand out with their fashionable style. Parents tend to neglect this aspect, believing that children are not concerned with the appearance of their outfits, but they could not be more wrong, so do not make the same mistake yourself, and always buy designer outfits.

Although choosing a designer t-shirt over a mass-produced one for example, will automatically mean spending a bit more money, the investment will certainly be worth it, and the items will maintain their good condition until your kid will grow out of them. What you need to do is look for an online shop, with a good reputation, which can put at your disposal an extensive range of items, starting form t-shirts and hoodies and up to shorts and trousers.

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In the past years, people started using ribbons in other purposes than simply wrapping gifts, which is why the number of stores providing ribbons has significantly increased. Since the demand is so large, manufacturers stated creating a wide selection of ribbons that come in different colours, sizes, materials and patterns. If you are interested in purchasing ribbons for some of your DIY projects or if you want to buy wholesale ribbon, the first step to make is some detailed research online to find the best online store. Here are some useful information to help you understand when is recommended to buy wholesale and when should you opt for retail.


The advantages of buying retail

If you are interested in buying ribbons, one very important thing you have to decide is whether you should opt for buying wholesale or retail. Keep in mind that if you simply want some ribbons for some of your DIY projects, you might not need to go for wholesale, but simply buy the exact quantity you need. In such case, the first instinct is to go to a local store and look for the ribbons you need, but you should know that there are many online stores that provide retail ribbons at very good prices, so you might get a better deal this way. What is more, online shopping comes with a series of great advantages, such as it is more time-effective, since you do not have to spend time on the road, and the variety of products is much wider in the online compared to the local stores.

When should you opt for wholesale?

On the other hand, if you own a hand-made business for instance, it is obvious that you should look for stores that provide ribbons wholesale. Whether your business is based on creating accessories out of ribbons, or anything else, buying wholesale is the right choice to make, not only because you do not have to worry about going to the store every other days in order to refill your stock, but also because  there are high chances you get some great deals. It is commonly known that when buying something wholesale, the provider is willing to offer you the specific products at a better price, so you can save some money this way. However, it is highly important to do make sure you select a professional and reliable provider that can offer you high quality products.

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When it comes to fashion, everybody knows how dynamic the industry can actually be. One day an item is quite in style and then the next thing you know is that it has become a thing of the past. Seasons come and seasons go, and the same happens to designers’ collections, which constantly seem to introduce new elements. In spite of this, remember that you must not spend a fortune on clothes – there are many brands, like Staple Pigeon, for example, offering highly qualitative products in exchange for convenient prices. And while fashion is something that fades away, but style remains the same as a character feature, the same happens to certain clothing items. You do not have to update your entire wardrobe as soon as new collections are launched, because there are certain products that will always get you out of trouble and help you look on point. These are the timeless pieces, the classic ones, which any man who claims himself to be stylish must own. There are plenty of items that look as relevant today as they did years ago, so these are the ones you should be investing in. Here is a brief list of our suggestions:


  1. The Oxford shirt

In case your job requires wearing a formal apparel, or you simply love a well-tailored suit, then the white bottom down shirt is a mandatory element for your wardrobe. Also called Oxford shirt, due to its simplicity and sophistication, this piece is extremely versatile and easy to match with any garment and occasion. So, no matter how you call it, you need to have at least one. If you are up for a greater investment, you can purchase more than one but make sure they come in different tones: light blue (to match cold hues like navy or grey) and pale yellow (for browns and greens). Pick the right size, design and cut, and you will always have a trusted friend.


  1. Cashmere sweater

Although most people consider the fabric inappropriate, you need to know that cashmere is one of the most stylish options nowadays, in terms of men apparel. A cashmere sweater is the right choice for a neat outfit during the cold season, so make sure you invest in a qualitative one, in a neutral color. This makes it easy to match to a number of hues and patterns, so that you can enjoy the comfy look each time you want to. Masculine, affordable and versatile – these are only some of the most important features of this must have piece of clothing.


  1. Polo t-shirt

If you prefer the laid back style, but you are still concerned about looking neat, then polo t-shirts are definitely your thing. They can be formal, sporty, effortless and chic, all at the same time. Of course, it also depends on the elements you match them with, but basically, you cannot go wrong wearing a polo. The piece allows you to remain within fashion patterns while also showing some of your personal style, which makes it the perfect choice for any occasion.

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Planning your holiday in London this year might have gotten you excited and you have probably started making numerous lists of things to take, places to visit and gifts to buy several months before your departure. You have to be prepared for everything, whether you go there alone, with your family or with some very good friends. However, you might add on the to-visit list some amazing locations such as the Royal Arcade London where you can also go shopping. Here is a more detailed list of such places in the capital of the United Kingdom.

 Oxford Street

The Oxford Street is considered the heart of shopping in London, because it has over 300 shops of famous designers and landmark stores, such as John Lewis, Debenhams or Primark. Many people who come to this location are amazed by the architecture, but also by the high number of shops and stores where you can find literally everything you might be interested in.

The Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade connects two important streets in London, and those are Albemarle Street and Old Bond Street. This place perfect for a shopping session is located right in the heart of Mayfair district, which is renowned for having some of the most luxurious shops in the city. Ever since the 1800s when the arcade was constructed numerous people have visited this place and remained impressed with the unique design and its mesmerizing saddled glass roof, which makes everyone feel like they are the cast of a Victorian movie.

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street along with other 13 surrounding streets is considered the birthplace of cultural and fashion revolution that happened back in the Swinging 60s. Carnaby Street is located only a few minutes away from two important places in London, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus. People can find here over 150 popular brands of clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as numerous bars and restaurants where they can hang out and have some quality time after their shopping sessions. The moment one walks under the iconic arch, one will be intrigued by the mix of stores, independent boutiques, designer names and heritage brands, all of them waiting for their customers.


Those who are in love with “alternative” clothing styles such as gothic or punk for instance should definitely not miss Camden. You can get there taking the Tube and getting off at Camden Town, then you have to walk along Camden High Street. You will find numerous stores that sell this type of clothes, as well as various piercing and tattoo parlours. The Camden Lock Market provides other interesting items, which would make perfect for a souvenir to offer your family or a birthday gift for instance, because you can find here plenty hand-made accessories, leather bags and so on.

Notting Hill

Another popular shopping place in London is Notting Hill, which increased its popularity even more after the movie with the same title was released. Here, you can find a range of small and unique stores that sell vintage clothing items, rare antiques, books, organic food and many quirky items that you can offer as a gift.

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