Essential cleaning tools and supplies everyone needs in the kitchen

Posted on Mar 11, 2016

The kitchen is widely considered the heart and the soul of the home, but the major problem is that it can get dirty really fast. If you neglect to perform basic tasks like washing the dishes or cleaning the floors, then things get out of hand immediately. Cleaning the kitchen may appear like a daunting task, but as long as you divide the work into manageable sections it will not feel like a burden. In order to declutter the cabinets and the drawers you will need to get your hands of some essential cleaning supplies. Without proper tools and supplies, it is practically impossible to undertake such a big job. If you do not know what tools you need exactly, you are in luck because the present article will tell you what you should buy from the store. Most of the tools recommended here can be bought on

Rubber gloves and plastic bags

Taking into consideration that you will be working with many cleaners and abrasive scrubbers, you need to protect your hands. Rubber gloves are what essentially protect your hands from detergent and will allow you to use hot water. Rubber gloves will also allow your hands to breathe and it will be a lot easier for you to hold and manipulate objects. The plastic bags can be put into use in the kitchen as well. More precisely, you can use them to protect frosting and marinating meat.


The most important thing is to keep the kitchen clean and, more importantly, germ-free. Quality cleaning products will help you to sanitize the kitchen and disinfectants should be an essential part of your housekeeping routine. Although it is more convenient to buy your products from the local supermarket, if you want the best product you should order from a specialized online store.First of all, get some bleach because it is an excellent disinfectant and you can use it in different areas of the kitchen, such as the floor, the kitchen sink and countertops. Another item that you should put on your must-have list is a disinfectant spray. Sprays are very convenient when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. All you have to do is spray, leave the surface to soak and wipe with a clean cloth. Last but not least, you will need floor cleaners. These are excellent for cutting through greasy stains, dust and dirt.

Cleaning materials

The kitchen floor bears the most amount of dirt in the house because things are constantly spilled on. In order to clean the floors, you should purchase the following things: a broom, a mop, a bucket and a microfiber cloth. Before disinfecting the floor, it is better to use the broom to sweep away the dust and dirt. When purchasing a mop, make sure that the head is removable. You should also make sure to choose a string mop because it is capable of handling corners better. On the other hand, the microfiber cloth is good for cleaning worktops and cooker tops. Do not use paper towels or other cloth because you will be doubling your workload.