Fearing to take your children to theatre because of safety issues? You shouldn’t!

Posted on Dec 12, 2016

Your family’s safety is first, regardless of the context. And this is a normal, especially for families with children. However, many tend to repress some of the simple pleasures in life because of the constant fear of something catastrophic happening. This is also the case of parents refusing taking their children to theatre. Although in the past this fear would have been a legitimate one, this is not the case. Nowadays, companies specialized in offering safety services for theatres make it possible to benefit from one of the safest public spaces out there. Treating with great care equipment such as stage hoists as well as stage installation, parents can be sure their children are completely safe when attending such shows. Below are some reasons parents shouldn’t fear taking their children to educative theatre representations.

1. Exclusively safe theatre equipment

Naturally, all public spaces have safety norms they must comply. However, oftentimes although they might not have specialised staff for this purpose, they externalise it, hiring professional companies dealing with safety issues. They can successfully manage stage lighting, stage installation processes, all the motorised equipment, given the fact they have well-trained electricians and personnel, covering all these aspects.

2. A team of technicians and designers makes sure the existing layout fits the equipment

Many companies offering such services are ruled by the motto “If it’s not completely safe, don’t do it!” And this rule is always followed. However, a team of highly trained technicians as well as designers make sure the equipment is proper for the existing design, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety requirements. Offering the capability for all theatre managers to always ensure proper safety levels for both actors and audience, these services, check and adjust all the equipment used.

3. High quality equipment for increased levels of safety

Generally, faulty or old equipment is guilty of accidents, therefore these companies always make sure their equipment is up to date, calibrated and ready to use in safe conditions. This is not an option, this in mandatory. Therefore, when taking your children to theatre, accidents are unlikely to happen.

However, for increased safety, make sure you are aware about the evacuation plans, make sure you check where the available exits are and how accessible are they. As a part of the audience, it is necessary to always be aware of those.