Guideline for choosing the right calcium supplement

Posted on Oct 4, 2016

You might have heard a million times that if you have a healthy diet, you would be able to prevent a lot of the medical disorders people are dealing with. So, the first people are considering when they want to benefit from a healthy life is to change their diet and eat only foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. However, even in these situations, you might deal with calcium deficiency, and your doctor might recommend you to take calcium supplements. The fact is that the aliments you are including in your diet are not as rich in minerals as they should be, and you are not able to take the needed amount of calcium just by eating them. Take a look at the algaecal reviews, because they are supplements which are based on plants, and they would help you provide your body the required amount of minerals. Here are the main pointers that indicate you what the right type of supplements for you are.

Consider the elemental calcium

You might have no idea what the elemental calcium is, so you should know that it is the amount of the mineral that would be absorbed by your gastrointestinal system, and you have to check on the manufacturer’s description to see how much the supplement you intend to take has. Depending on the quantity of elemental calcium available in every of the pills, the number of pills you would have to take would differ. Also you should not forget to check the daily value column listed on the label, because there is stated important information about the nutritional values of the calcium.

Decide between citrate and carbonate

Depending on the needs of your body, both variants might work great for you. In case you intend to take the calcium supplements while staying home, and you also have to take other pills, it is advisable to take carbonate, because it is affordable and it should be taken about an hour after you have your meal. In case you are always on the rush, it is recommended to take calcium citrate, because it can be absorbed even if you are taking it on an empty stomach, but this variant might be a little pricier. There are also other types of calcium on the market, and you have to talk with the doctor and see which one of the options is more suitable for you. You do not have to go with a brand name, because the supplements might cost you a lot of money, the plant-based ones are great and you can find them at affordable prices.

Test the supplements by yourself

You have the possibility to try by yourself different types of supplements and from different companies, because it is not need for a doctor to recommend them. You are the one who knows how you feel, and in case you consider that a certain type of supplements are effective for you, you should stick with them. Try small dosages from different types and you would definitely find the ones that works for you.