How to Assist the Detox Process After Overdoing it

Posted on Aug 29, 2016

At the risk of perpetuating a tired cliché, the very best way of avoiding an absolutely terrible hangover is to not drink too much the night before. Or better yet, don’t drink at all. Suffice to say, it’s pretty annoying advice when presented by an overly-smug individual at a time when you are feeling absolutely ghastly.  There’s really no denying the fact that hangovers can be nothing short of debilitating, when it comes to the effect they have on both your body and mind alike.

Well, here’s the bad news – there’s absolutely no such thing as a cure for hangovers. Never has been and never will be, so don’t believe the hype when anyone tries to tell you otherwise. Nevertheless, the experts at advise that there are at least various ways and means by which you can make yourself feel at least a little better the next day. It’s all about being realistic and proactive and hopefully not making the same mistake next time.

Here’s a quick rundown of 6 simple tips for speeding up the process to survive a genuinely horrible hangover:


1 – Sleep

First and foremost, if there’s any way you can get away with sleeping for most of the day, it is advisable that you do exactly that. The reason being that not only did you probably get vastly insufficient sleep the night before anyway, but sleeping is an absolutely fantastic way of riding out and perhaps even avoiding the kinds of symptoms you would have to bear if you were awake. The simple fact of the matter is that your body is going to need a certain amount of time to recover – why not give it the time it needs while you are blissfully unaware of how much you are suffering?

2 – Hydration

Next, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of the ill effects your body is suffering the day after overdoing it are the result of dehydration.  Alcohol is a diuretic and does a fantastic job removing the central water from your body, both during and after consumption. So you need to put it back, but the key here is to put it back gradually. Downing pint after pint of water will just make things worse. Instead, sip slowly and constantly throughout the day to begin undoing at least a little of the damage done.

3 – Minimise Stimulants

You may find yourself tempted to reach for the strongest coffee you can possibly find and consume vast quantities of it to keep yourself moving.  However, doing so can actually delay your recovery and so does not come highly recommended. There is nothing to say that you cannot have a coffee, but just try to keep things relatively modest in terms of strength and intake.

4 – Get Sweaty

It’s probably safe to say that indulging in heavy exercise will be the last thing on your mind right now, at a time when you can barely even think about walking. Nevertheless, activity of almost any kind whatsoever represents just about the very best thing for you when you are nursing a hangover. The simple fact of the matter is that if you lay on the couch all day feeling sorry for yourself, you will probably still feel every bit as bad by the evening. By contrast, if you can force yourself to get up and active in the morning, there’s a good chance you will be feeling a thousand times better by lunchtime.

5 – Vitamins

Along with taking a great deal of important moisture out of your body, alcohol is also quite impressive when it comes to its ability to strip your body of essential vitamins. Once again however, it is not simply a case of grabbing a gigantic packet of multivitamins, eating them all in one go and expecting yourself to feel great an hour later. Instead, it’s a case of following the recommended usage guidelines to the letter, while at the same time have grabbing yourself a couple of drinks that are high in vitamin C.

6 – Eat Well

Last but not least, while your body may be telling you to indulge in the kinds of incredibly heavy and greasy junk foods you know you shouldn’t be eating, these are not necessarily the best foods for your hangover. Instead, you should be looking more toward things like fruits, vegetables and lean protein – pretty much anything that is both good for you and easy for your body to process. Try to remember that as your body is not currently functioning as well as it could be, it’s really in your best interests to stay away from anything too heavy.