Is it worth hiring an accountant when running a small business?

Posted on Dec 30, 2016


As a small business manager, there are many aspects that demand your money and time. If today it is not one, it would definitely be another. And the biggest problem you would deal with, would be if the business plan you are having is the right one, and if it would prove profitable in the end. Also you seem to always have the problem of limited resources when it comes to investing in a new business opportunity, so you definitely have to work with a professional to help you manage your funds wiser. The fact is that all these issues would be solved if you would hire an accountant, because they are experts, which are able to do everything by themselves. Your main worry would be that you do not know if it is worth to work with sole trader accountants. Well, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring one.

Not hiring one would be false economy for your business

Your first impression as a business manager is that if you do not hire an accountant you would be able to save the money you would spend other way on paying for their services. But you should not think on short term, you have to consider the long term advantages, because if you do not do it, you would probably lose more money than you are able to save. So you should consider the way you have managed your money throughout the years, and hire an account at least for a few months, to see if there is any noticeable change.

Tax might be trickier when running a small business

You might know how to run your business, but you might have issues in navigating through tax regulations. An accountant is the right person to help you in this case, because they have the needed knowledge and experience to help you save money by dealing with the taxes by themselves and freeing your own time. You should keep in mind that as a business manager your time is worth money, so you should not waste it in trying to understand how the taxes system works. This does not mean that you would not know anything about the process of paying taxes, because you are the one who has to track the costs of the company, and inform the accountant about them. Only when they have knowledge about the actions happening inside the business, they are able to offer you support.