Places in London perfect for a shopping session

Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Planning your holiday in London this year might have gotten you excited and you have probably started making numerous lists of things to take, places to visit and gifts to buy several months before your departure. You have to be prepared for everything, whether you go there alone, with your family or with some very good friends. However, you might add on the to-visit list some amazing locations such as the Royal Arcade London where you can also go shopping. Here is a more detailed list of such places in the capital of the United Kingdom.

 Oxford Street

The Oxford Street is considered the heart of shopping in London, because it has over 300 shops of famous designers and landmark stores, such as John Lewis, Debenhams or Primark. Many people who come to this location are amazed by the architecture, but also by the high number of shops and stores where you can find literally everything you might be interested in.

The Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade connects two important streets in London, and those are Albemarle Street and Old Bond Street. This place perfect for a shopping session is located right in the heart of Mayfair district, which is renowned for having some of the most luxurious shops in the city. Ever since the 1800s when the arcade was constructed numerous people have visited this place and remained impressed with the unique design and its mesmerizing saddled glass roof, which makes everyone feel like they are the cast of a Victorian movie.

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street along with other 13 surrounding streets is considered the birthplace of cultural and fashion revolution that happened back in the Swinging 60s. Carnaby Street is located only a few minutes away from two important places in London, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus. People can find here over 150 popular brands of clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as numerous bars and restaurants where they can hang out and have some quality time after their shopping sessions. The moment one walks under the iconic arch, one will be intrigued by the mix of stores, independent boutiques, designer names and heritage brands, all of them waiting for their customers.


Those who are in love with “alternative” clothing styles such as gothic or punk for instance should definitely not miss Camden. You can get there taking the Tube and getting off at Camden Town, then you have to walk along Camden High Street. You will find numerous stores that sell this type of clothes, as well as various piercing and tattoo parlours. The Camden Lock Market provides other interesting items, which would make perfect for a souvenir to offer your family or a birthday gift for instance, because you can find here plenty hand-made accessories, leather bags and so on.

Notting Hill

Another popular shopping place in London is Notting Hill, which increased its popularity even more after the movie with the same title was released. Here, you can find a range of small and unique stores that sell vintage clothing items, rare antiques, books, organic food and many quirky items that you can offer as a gift.