Planning the retirement income – advice from the experts

Posted on Jul 29, 2016

As people reach a certain age, they are more prone to get tired easily and to need longer periods to rest and for this reason they are looking forward to the retirement to come. After spending a lifetime working in various companies, their only wish after turning 60 is to have more time to spend with their family and pick up from where they left with their hobbies. However, one of the most important aspects to consider before retiring is getting some free pension advice, especially if you are not that financially organized type of person. Here are some useful tips pension experts provide.

Think how much money you would need

Even though this might be impossible to predict, you should at least have an idea on how much money you plan to spend when you retire. This can be done quite simple: think about how much money you spend now, when you are employed, think about the things you could dispense the moment you retire and you should get a fair approximation on the amount of money would fit your needs on a monthly basis.

Save early, spend later

Another aspect you should take into account is to plan on saving money as early as possible and as often as possible. However, you should not think of renouncing certain things now in order to have more money to spend when you are retired, but rather plan your finances accordingly in order to have enough money for everything. You can open a bank account and deposit a certain amount of money there every month. Do not worry if you skip one month, because in the end that money will still make a great difference.

Work with a financial advisor

It is worth mentioning that financial advisors can help not only companies get through with their finances, but also individuals. There are numerous people that in the past years have decided to resort to the professional services of a financial advisor in order to help them with planning the retirement income, especially when it comes to those people who simply cannot get organized and have their finances well-managed. Working with an IFA will bring you many benefits and one of them is obviously the fact that you will do a better job as far as managing your income is concerned. The secret though is to do some detailed research on the internet and make sure you hire a reliable and experienced financial advisor in order to benefit from the best results.