Ribbons – the perfect accessory for a unique wedding

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

When planning a wedding you have to stay within your budget, because there are plenty of aspects to handle and almost every one of them requires spending money. Everyone want to have a beautiful wedding, but sometimes beautiful weddings mean expensive flower arrangements, dress, and venue and if you cannot save with the venue you can totally do it with the dress and flowers. If you plan to organise your wedding in a garden of a castle for example, you would have to pay for renting it, but when it comes to flower arrangements, you can transform them into fairy-tale ones by simply adding some florist ribbons UK. Here are some ideas on how ribbons can help you have a unique wedding.

Craft flower arrangements

You have the possibility to buy the flowers that you like from the local market and to craft the bouquets and arrangements by yourself. In this way, you will not have to pay a lot of money a company to make them. You only have to decide what types of flowers you choose for every bouquet and after making them, you only have to tie some ribbon stripes on their stems. You have the possibility to make a big bow, if you want to achieve an elegant look, or you can let them flow, and mix their colour for a more bohemian look.

Decorate the venue

You might had the money to rent a marquee for your wedding, but decorating it is quite expensive, because it is a large surface. Therefore, you should buy wholesale ribbons from an online store, in the colours that you like, and tie one of their sides from the chandelier placed in the middle of the marquee. The other side you should tie on the corners of the marquee, and let the ribbons loose, for creating a romantic look.

Customise the dresses

Both your dress and the ones of the bridesmaids could be customised with ribbon. You might not want a completely white gown, so you can accessorise it with a stripe of ribbon to make it unique. You can accentuate your waistline, by using a ribbon in a bold colour, as red or pink, or you can simply add a touch of glam with a nude shade. In case you want just a little bit more, you can ask the tailor to create a big ribbon bow, and place it on the back of your dress, you would look like a princes.