Simple family activities you should try

Posted on Apr 6, 2016

Family activities are very fun and entertaining; as long as you make sure nobody gets left out. Nobody likes being dragged to a boring concert or play, which is why in case you were thinking about planning a group activity, make sure you choose something suitable to all the participants. We know that coming up with something that can engage several generations can be a real challenge, so here are some ideas you could implement to get the entire family together.

Crafting projects

If you are planning to involve your entire family in a fun yet efficient activity, then some DIY projects are the perfect choice. Crafting will be extremely entertaining, especially for kids, who will feel as if they are both playing and doing something useful for the house. All you have to do is think about some simple objects you want to create or decorate and purchase the necessary materials. Visit and buy any crafting supplies you may need: ribbons, duct tape, colourful paper, cardboard, ink stamps, stickers, embellishment and many others. All these are perfect for making a beautiful head board, a large picture frame, new vases, patterned cushions for the living room couch and so on. Allow the kids to get involved and give them simple tasks, and they will be fascinated to see how the house gets filled with objects they created with their own hands.

Refurnish and redecoration

Family activities are quite successful if they take place at home, because besides spending quality time together, you will also enjoy the results of your group efforts. For this reason, another great idea is to start refurnishing. You can use the objects you craft and you do not have to purchase new pieces of furniture. All you have to do is come up with an innovative way to re-arrange your existing furniture or simply give it another utility. Some simple examples would be changing the desk’s position, adding pretty cushions to the sofa or bed and even painting a wall. This last one does not involve furniture per se, buy it will bring a new touch to your home, while providing you quality time with your family.

Organise a picnic

Another amazing alternative is planning a meal in the middle of the nature. Give your children simple tasks such as helping you prepare the dishes, packing the food, bringing the cutlery and folding some towels. All these will make them feel responsible and helpful, showing them you trust them enough to let them be in charge. Pick a beautiful sunny weekend day and choose a nice spot, where you can not only eat on a blanket, but also play games, ride a bike or even stroll on a lake. All these are nice bonding activities, suitable for all the member of the family, regardless their age or preferences. Plan a small ‘agenda’ and make sure everyone gets what they like and enjoy themselves.