Social media – an influential element in getting more acting work

Posted on May 11, 2016

The moment you decide to follow your career path in the acting industry you have to keep in mind that competition is quite harsh in this domain. It is important to work very hard and to keep practicing your acting skills every day in order to reach success and be the best in the domain. The first step is to go to a professional and reputable acting school, so you should start a thorough research online right away in order to find the right school for you. Websites such as might be a good place to start. After attending a good acting school, it is important to focus on promoting yourself on social media, so here are some useful tips.


The best way to promote yourself as an actor is through the Internet. YouTube, the user generated website that was specifically designed to allow people create accounts and upload videos to the World Wide Web is the go-to platform that can help you boost your success. While you are still in the acting school, ask a friend or someone from your family to bring a camera with them and come to your plays to film you while on stage. You can upload the videos online and increase the chances for a cast director to see you and to hire you. What is more, you can use YouTube to upload various other videos where you can expose your acting skills.


Ever since its release in February 2004, Facebook has gained millions and millions of users worldwide, which has made it one of the most popular social networks people use. People who have created an account on this network access it several times a day. Many businesspeople have seen the opportunity in this and have understood that they could use Facebook as a means of promoting their services and making their businesses known to the large public. You should not feel reticent in using Facebook as a way to promote your services and to show the world what a good actor you are, but you should take advantage of it instead. Post some photos of you from auditions or from the plays in which you have played. You can also upload some videos or share the ones that you have already uploaded on YouTube. It is for sure that someone will see them and will contact you in no time.


Twitter is another important online social network service that has made its way through the Internet in 2006 and that has significantly increased the number of its users ever since. Many people from all over the world use this social network and share their thoughts through posting messages that are no longer than 140 characters. The simplest question Twitter asks its users the moment they access their accounts, ‘What are you doing?’ is the starting point of posting a message. It is a user-friendly platform and it can be accessed from any device that also has Internet access. You can also share photos and videos and make them visible to everyone.