The Benefits of High Quality Outdoor Lighting

Posted on Oct 26, 2016

It’s really not until you go about the installation of a high-end garden lighting system that you truly realise what you’ve been missing out on. From decorative pendants to hidden feature lighting and right through to functional bollard lighting, the possibilities really are endless. It has the potential to be a relatively heavy undertaking, but is nonetheless one home makeover you will never regret going about.

There’s technically no right or wrong way of getting the job done, just as long as you yourself are happy with the result. There are thousands of products to choose from and you can focus on just one area of the garden or the whole thing. Suffice to say though, once you get started it has a habit of becoming rather addictive!

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of just a few of the benefits of quality outdoor lighting for the home:

1 – Safety

First of all, when it comes to making the garden and the home’s exterior in general as safe as possible, there’s really nothing that gets the job done better than quality lighting. For obvious reasons, accidents and injuries are far more common in gardens that do not have sufficient lighting systems installed. For the benefit of both the home’s occupants and any visitors that may arrive or leave during hours of darkness, it is a good idea to ensure that at least basic exterior lighting is installed. Rather than going ‘nuclear’ with just a single motion-sensing floodlight, it can be far more effective to work with feature lighting instead. Think of what needs to be lit and set about lighting each object/area individually, as opposed to the whole garden at the same time.

2 – Security

Likewise, there’s very little you can do for the average home when it comes to security that’s more effective than illuminating its exterior. When it comes to the more unwelcome guests you’d prefer were kept as far away from your property as possible, lighting its exteriors can represent the ultimate deterrent. While a garden with plenty of dark spaces represents ideal territory for prowlers and burglars, a garden lit up in all the right places is quite the opposite. Sensor-activated exterior lighting is always an option, but simply connecting your lighting system to a timer can also prove highly effective. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or extravagant setup, just enough to ensure there’s no place to hide in the dark!

3 – Comfort

Given the fact that we don’t get nearly enough pleasant weather in this country, it simply makes sense to make the most of the nice evenings we get. A beautifully illuminated garden represents the ultimate in comfort and relaxation for spring, summer and autumn evenings alike. Simply by focusing on the immediate area around your seating or patio section, you’ll create the most wonderfully inviting and indeed convenient living space to be used throughout the warmer months of the year. Once again, it’s a case of getting creative with smaller feature lights, rather than blasting the whole area with blinding white light. There’s really no better way of maximising the time and enjoyment you’ll get out of your garden.

4 – Property Values

Believe it or not, there’s every possibility the money you invest in a quality outdoor lighting system will be repaid many times over, by way of improved property values. It’s a fantastic way of staging the home prior to any visit from a prospective buyer. Outdoor living spaces and the quality thereof are a very important consideration in the minds of most buyers these days, who intend to enjoy the great outdoors to the maximum possible extent. If you can convince them with elite lighting that your own garden is a haven of heavenly relaxation, you might just get higher price for the place than you expected!

5 – Affordability

Last but not least, it’s probably safe to say that if you haven’t shopped around for quality outdoor lighting in a while, you might well be surprised how affordable it can be. These days, even the most outstanding quality products on the market are available from web retailers for their lowest prices to date. Which means that even if you’d like to go really over-the-top with an incredibly ambitious lighting project, it probably won’t cost nearly as much as you think. Take a look at what’s available right now and begin dreaming just how incredible your garden could look.