Three wedding decorations you can customize with floral ribbon

Posted on May 30, 2016

Some brides choose to organise the wedding by their own, and this is amazing only when considering that they will not have to deal with the situation of not being satisfied with the way things are done. They will have the possibility to check every single aspect of the wedding, and do by themselves the decorations. This is not only satisfying, but it also helps them save a lot of money, they could use for the honeymoon, or to decorate their new house. It is said that the decorations are the most important ones in a wedding venue, so they need a lot of attention, and in the majority of cases there is no easier way of crafting more beautiful ones, than using ribbon. Take a look in an online store and buy floral ribbon, because you will definitely need it when you start accessorising the decorations.


The centrepieces are very important when you decorate the wedding venue, because it is the way you share with your guests your wedding vision. They have the power to transform a common wedding venue location, into an amazing one, and usually this is the main subject, guests talk about. You can go with the simple option, of placing flower arrangements on the tables, but the vessels you are placing the flowers in are very important too. Therefore, you can choose a cheap variant, and place the flowers into jars, which can be tied with ribbons in different colours and look amazing. For a more dramatic effect, you can use tall glass tubes for sustaining the flower arrangements, and hang long strips of ribbon from them.


The chairs do not receive a lot of attention in the decoration process, but you should know that they complete the look of a wedding location. Therefore you can use ribbon to create bows which can be tied on the back of the chairs, or you can simple use them to hang flowers. In case you have crafting talent, you can use ribbon to create big flowers, which can be tied on the back of the chairs.

Wedding arch

The wedding arch is very important, because it is the place where you get married, and you will look at the pictures under it for whole your life. Therefore, you should decorate it exactly as the one from your dreams. You have the possibility to use flowers, if you want a more romantic look. Also, you can use only a simple flower arrangement on the top, and decorate it with loose ribbon, hanged on the top.