Attending the prom – why you should book a hair salon consultation

Posted on May 6, 2016


The prom is one of the most important events from a teenager’s life, the majority of them are seeing it as their moment to shine, and they plan it with years before. You might have in mind the dress, the shoes and even the jewelleries, but the hairstyle is the one that you cannot decide upon, because through years, your hair is changing, and because you like to be in trend every year, you change even its colour periodically. For being sure that you will look great, you should book a hair salon Weybridge consultation, to see what specialist have to say. You might have in mind to save some money and try to do our hair by your own, or ask a friend help you with it, but you should know that specialists recommend booking a salon session for this important event. You will look at these pictures your whole life, and you have to be sure that you will not be disappointed.

Hairdressers consider the whole aspect

When you will have a trial with the hairdresser, s/he will ask you to show them pictures with both your shoes and jewelleries, because the hairstyle should fit the style. Some types of jewelleries request a certain type of hairstyle, and you might not even considered this aspect. In case you have not purchased the earrings and necklace, you have the possibility to choose your hairstyle, and according to it the jewelleries, but other way you will have to adapt to the items you have already purchased. Also, depending on the top of the dress some styles might not be complementing for it, so a professional will know exactly if the hairstyle you have chosen is suited or not.

Is the hairstyle suited for your conformation?

A professional hairdresser is able to tell you if a certain hair colour and cut is complementing your figure, because you might like how a certain celebrity looked like when she wore a dress similar to yours with a certain hairstyle, but this does not mean that it is also suitable to you. It is advisable to take with you some pictures for showing the hairstylist what you have in mind, and s/he will adapt it according to your face’s features.

A hairstylist makes recommendations

It is advisable to book a hair salon consultation, because there are working specialists from different domains, and in case you want a complex loo, the hairstylist will have the opportunity to consult the other professionals from the salon, and see if a certain style looks good on you. There are situations when a woman comes with an image in her mind, the hairstylist recommends her something more appealing for her, and she likes this option more. You should be open to suggestions, because the specialists from the hair salon will know exactly what hairstyle and colour are suitable for your look, and you will not have to worry anymore that your hair will not last until the end of the night.