Car insurance questions you should have an answer for

Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Getting a new car insurance can be an overwhelming process in the majority of cases, because you have to handle different papers, and you have to contact different companies for finding their offers. When talking with a specialist you will find out that the process should not be so complex, but customers find it so, because they are not informed on what they should do. Therefore, you should know that for getting a car insurance, as any other services, you have to be able to provide the company specific information, and you might not be prepared for this. You should find all the details included in the process of getting a cheap auto insurance coverage, because if you are able to answer the company the questions it has from the beginning, you will find it incredible simple. Here are the questions every car insurance provider would ask you.

How many miles do you drive per day?

This question has the purpose to offer the provider a clear image on how far you drive every day, because the bigger the distance you have to drive every day, the greater are the chances to have a car accident. In case you are at a high risk of having an accident, you pose the company at a higher risk, and this means that the price of the quote would be higher.

Do you own your car?

In case you have a lien against it or you lease your vehicle, the company might ask you to have both a collision and a comprehensive insurance alongside with the liability coverage, so you should be able to inform the provider from the start in this aspect. In addition, this information is valuable for the company, because they have to see if you are a good candidate for having a gap insurance.

Do you use the vehicle in business purposes?

In case the car you want to have the insurance for is used for businesses, you might have to ask for a different type of insurance, called commercial, and the company you want to collaborate with might not be able to provide you these services. In this case, you will be redirected to a department that handles these insurances, and you will receive a special quote.

Is your car equipped with anti-theft and safety devices?

In case you have these devices installed on your car, you should inform the company about them, because you will benefit from a reduced insurance. They reduce the risk of injury and theft, and this means that your car is safer than the others are, and you will have access to a quote at a lower rate.

Are you insuring more than one cars?

When you contact the company for providing you an insurance, you should inform them if you want to insure one or more cars, because in this way they would be able to offer you an accurate estimate on how much you would have to pay. Also, you might benefit from certain discounts in this situation.