Earlobe repair – dealing with a trauma

Posted on May 25, 2016

Nowadays both women and men could experience an earlobe trauma caused by an accident or piercing. There are cases when the cause is that people are wearing heavy earrings and after a while, they see that their ears lost their natural look, and they cannot do anything to solve the issues. The single option in this situation is a cosmetic surgery, which is known as earlobe repair London, and it has the purpose to repair the lowly earlobe, and recover the sexy look. For this procedure to be successful, it requires a lot of understanding of the surgery and finesse. The causes of this condition are different, but some of them include domestic abuse, hairbrushes, heavy earrings, babies pulling on the earrings, and even assault. The majority of the patients come to the doctor having the condition for years, and very few of them consider paying a visit to the surgeon when their lobes are freshly torn.

How earlobes tears could be classified

When heading to a specialised clinic as Centre for Surgery, people would be evaluated by an experienced surgeon who will state if they have full, partial or multiple tears. As you could see there are different types of tears, and the more complex they are, the harder to restore they became. If you experience only a partial tear, then you will have a simple elongation from your original piercing, and you are able to notice it when your earrings will not be able to sit as they used to. The full type is a violation of the border of the inferior lobe and it can be corrected with local anaesthesia and a 10 to 15 minutes procedure. The complete tears are the most common ones, and even if they are not so hard to restore, some pitfalls might influence the result.

What the process of repairing the earlobe involves

Even if the procedure itself might not last for a long period, the entire process includes different steps, which have to be followed in order to achieve great results. When you notice that you suffer from one of these types of tears, you should head for a consultation to a specialised clinic. This is the moment when you have to share with your doctor your medical history, recovery goals and expectations. The doctor will be able to tell you what the procedure involves, and from what results, you should expect, because sometimes your requirements might not be met. The procedure itself would be made under local anaesthesia and the doctor will trim the skin around your stretched or torn earlobe, and will try to create a natural curvature. The wound will be sutured with thin stitches. You should not worry about the recovery period, because the majority of the patients only experience a mild discomfort. In case you consider that it affects your daily actions, you could ask the surgeon to recommend you some pain medication. After a week, the sutures will be removed, and when the healing process is over your ears will have the natural look you longed for so much.