Essential info you should know about crooked teeth

Posted on Jun 16, 2016

You might know that nowadays more and more people long to have healthy teeth, because they know that a beautiful smile might count more than words in some situations. However, both young and senior people deal with different oral issues, alongside which you can find mentioned crooked teeth. The name might give you a clue on what it means, but you might not be aware that it is a severe oral health concern. If you have crooked teeth you will observe that you have difficulties in flossing and brushing them properly. And, because you are not able to care them as you should, debris and plaque will build up and you might experience in the future a gum disease or even cavity formation. As you could notice, this is a severe condition, every person should know more info about, because when talking about oral health, it is easier to prevent the issue rather than treating it.

What are the causes for this condition?

You should know that this is a hereditary condition, so if someone of your family members suffers from it, at a certain point you might develop it too. Also, there are cases when a person’s mouth is too small for their teeth and this could be a cause for this issue. Some people even experience mismatched lower and upper jaws which leads to an under or over bite. And all these causes could be worsen by the habits you has when you were a child, like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, and now the only option you have is to see a doctor regularly and check your oral health, to see if there are any issues you have to worry about.

What treatments could I choose from?

When you are dealing with this issue, you have the possibility to choose from two different types of treatments, one includes braces and one not. In case you do not also experience some health factors that might influence the use of braces, you could opt for a treatment, which does not require them. The treatments designed for this condition include porcelain veneers, in case you only have a minor problem like uneven teeth or gaps. Also, you have the possibility to choose dental crowns that will cover your entire tooth, in case you have gaps between teeth. The result would be that they would restore the teeth affected by wear and decay and they would create symmetry. In case the doctor considers that the stage of the condition is advanced, then they might recommend you to use braces combined with an orthodontic treatment. In case you do not know what orthodontics focuses on, you should know that it targets to jaw joint alignment and positioning, and teeth correcting. Sometimes it utilises invisible braces, for cosmetic reasons. Invisible braces are used because they could remedy or alleviate a wide variety of moderate issues, like spacing or crowding. They are also widely used because they are made from smooth plastic, which ensures a comfortable treatment.