Essential questions to ask a tax investigation consultant

Posted on Oct 6, 2016

When having a company is crucial to hire a tax consultant, because you have to be sure that you benefit from a specialist’s opinion, if your firm would be investigated by the IRS. In case you do not have knowledge in the domain, you would need specialized advice in preparing your paperwork. In addition, because you are the one who is running the company, you would be subjective when it comes to it, so it is better if someone from outside comes and analyses the actions you have been doing lately. Also, in case you would be the subject of one of the COP9 Investigations, they would help you deal with the situation. When having a list with the companies that provide this type of services, you should ask the specialists from there the following questions before hiring them.

Can you offer me a background of similar cases?

It is important for you to know that the company you choose to help you deal with the  tax investigation has worked with firms similar to yours in the past, because they would know how to handle the situation in this case. Also, when your firm is investigated, you have to act quickly, because other way you might experience different issues, and if your consultant is not accustomed with this type of cases, they would not be able to help you. Ask them for a list with clients who have collaborated with them, and contact them to see if they are satisfied with the way the investigations turned out for them.

Have you handled COP9 investigations before?

There are different types of investigations your company might be subject of, so when you are noticed that the IRS has you in view for this one, you have to collaborate with a company which has experience in handling it. There are specific aspects this investigation implies, and the specialists should know how to deal in this situation, so do not hire a company, until you are not sure that they have a wide experience in this domain.

Do you offer full-time services?

Some companies assist their clients only during the taxes period, so you have to know from the start if the one you choose would assist you after. It is advisable to work with a consultant permanently, because in this way, you are sure that the following year all your paperwork is done correctly, and you do not have any reason to worry that the IRS might suspect you for fraud.