Everything you need to know about renting a car in Manchester

Posted on Jun 12, 2017

Planning ahead a holiday for you and your family might seem like a difficult task to complete, considering all the responsibilities you should be managing. Especially if your time is quite short and limited, you must wisely prepare every bit of it. When you plan to visit a city such as Manchester it would be perfect to have in mind the exact checkpoints you want to reach.

What size of vehicle do I need?

When traveling with family you should take into account the space you need for proper transportation. The services car hire Manchester provides, gives you the opportunity to pick from a vast range of car types which includes features as number of seats, doors, depositing space available, air conditioning and so on. Also, you can choose between different fuel policies and pick-up/drop-off options. Ideally, you should choose the smallest car that fits your needs, because selecting a luxurious car will mean an increase in fuel consumption and therefore a price rise.

Mileage options and additional fees

When selecting the car you are willing to rent, check the option for an unlimited mileage. You don’t want to pay an additional amount of money just for the fact that you went a bit over the limit while you are visiting such a considerable city as Manchester. Also, pay attention to vaguely mentioned details such as additional state taxes (city taxes, parking taxes, vignette etc.)

Children needs

Being a family with youngsters can be quite an adventure. If you need special features such as a child safety seat, you will be extra-charged, but it is truly important to set things up before renting the car. Additionally, you should keep in mind having insurance for the car hired, because anything could happen during a long road trip. Although it will cost a little bit more, it is recommended to do so, because otherwise you would have to pay the possible damage you may encounter.

GPS function

Save up for a GPS function for your rented car. The complicated streets of Manchester will trouble you so it’s not exactly ideal to lose yourself between the endless sheets of a classic map. A GPS will guide you through the city’s most hidden places, rescuing you from the burden of orientation.