Five qualities any babysitter should have

Posted on May 10, 2016


Working with children is a beautiful thing, but this also comes with a series of responsibilities, since babysitters have to take care of someone else’s children as if they were their own. It is important to mention that the number of babysitter agencies has significantly increased in the past years. In case you want to work with such an agency or in case you want to hire a nanny yourself, might be a good place to start the research. Here are the five main qualities any babysitter should have.


The most important quality for a babysitter is to be patient. Working with children sure is beautiful, but it also implies spending a great deal of time with them, answering to their (sometimes awkward and foolish) questions and helping them to discover the world. This requires patience, especially in those moments when children insist on doing something that you, as a babysitter, know will do them wrong.

A friendly-type of person

A babysitter needs to be friendly and to create a bond with the children he or she is taking care of, because this way caring for a child does not seem like something too difficult to do anymore. A nanny should play foolish sometimes when spending time with children, because believe it or not, this can actually help the children be more attentive to what the nanny tells them and listen to the nanny nearly all the time.

To be attentive

When taking care of children, attention is an important aspect and this should definitely be among the qualities of a babysitter. A nanny should put the children they are caring first. If the nanny spends too much time on the phone, browsing the Internet or talking with other persons on Facebook, it is for sure that the job they are doing is not for them.

To be trustworthy

Parents put a lot of trust in the person they hire to take care of their children, so this should also be one of the top qualities of babysitters. Many nannies have access to the entire house for as long as the parents are at work and some of them might have a spare set of keys too. Before hiring a nanny, parents should make sure that babysitter is a trustworthy and reliable person.

To be first aid certified

While parents are at work, some unfortunate accidents might happen and the life of your child might be put at danger in cases such as chocking, fainting or other such situations. It is not a must for a nanny to have this certificate, but you have to agree that it is definitely a plus.

As you can see, these are the main five qualities that any nanny should have before entering other people’s lives and take care of their children. In case you are looking for a babysitter, you should do some research online right away, since there are numerous agencies that can help you find professional and trustworthy babysitters to match your needs and budget.