From beginner to golfer – step by step guide

Posted on Jan 20, 2017

Golf is more known to be the game of the rich, but truth is it is more a game of patience that everyone can play. Beginners may find getting it started a little bit daunting, since they have to consider various important aspects, such as buying equipment, taking some courses, looking for a reliable local club and choosing one of the best golf membership offers available. Here is a very useful step by step guide that will help you get from beginner to golfer.


First, learn more about golf

In order to become a golf player you have to know what this sport is all about, right? Well, probably the best way you can learn more about it is to enrol in some golf courses, so do some research on the internet and look for the closest golf club in your region. Check their golf course offer and see whether or not it matches your needs and budget.

Do not buy equipment until you go to course

Many golf beginners make the big mistake of buying equipment before they go to their first course. Experts in the domain recommend that you buy the necessary equipment only after you have been to the first course, since the instructor is going to provide you some very useful information on how to choose the right golf equipment for beginners. In case the course requires you to come with your own golf putter, you should consider asking the employees of the store where you buy the putter for some professional advice to help you select the right one.

Pay attention to instructions

While you are at the course, make sure you pay great attention to the suggestions the golf instructor provides you and try to do exactly as they say. Watch their moves and try to imitate them as much as possible, since these are the first steps into the golfing world. Do not forget to enjoy the game a little bit, though!

Become a golf club member

If you have already played the game several times, it is a good sign and you probably like the game. Well, what you have to do next is to get a golf club membership and play the game as often as you want. Ask the golf club in your region about their available offers on membership and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.