How playing netball improves your health

Posted on Dec 30, 2016


It is for sure that playing any type of sports brings many benefits to your body and mind. One kind of sport that has gained wide popularity during the past years is netball and it is one of the sports that improve both your health and your mind. Do some research on the Internet, look for one of the best netball leagues in London and join it right away.

It keeps you fit

Well, obviously one of the reasons why netball is such a great sport choice is that it helps you stay fit and in great shape. It implies a lot of running around the pitch, quick change of direction and sprint short distances, which will significantly improve blood circulation and helps you lose weight.

Cardiovascular improvement

Another aspect that netball improves to your health is related to your cardiovascular system. The fact that you are making physical effort for nearly 60 minutes per game not only improves your lungs and heart, but it also gets the blood moving, especially if you are playing in a centre position where most of the activity happens.

It helps you tone your legs

Those who are interested in making their legs look more beautiful and toned, netball is the perfect sport for them. All those sprints and sharp movements help you get those top-notch leg muscles that everyone will envy you for, not to mention that your stamina also improves this way.

You become more flexible and nimbler

In order to benefit from these health improvements, it is mandatory that you play netball at least three times a week. This will help you have a more flexible body and will make you nimbler.

Mental benefits

Besides improving your physical aspect, netball comes with a series of mental benefits as well and probably one of the most important ones is that you have the chance to make some new, long-term friends. What is more, it helps you boost self-confidence and self-esteem and it pushes you to develop new skills and improve the already existing ones.

What makes this type of sport different from other ones is the fact that although it is worldly renowned for being a women’s sport, you can also find men teams and mixed teams. If you want to be part of a netball team, all you have to do is look on the Internet for sports centres or leagues in your region.