How to avoid needing an emergency dental consult

Posted on Mar 29, 2016

Even though nobody really likes going to the dentist, what is even worse than going to the dentist, is having to go for an emergency consult, when you have a really bad tooth ache. This is why, in order to prevent ever needing an appointment at an Ottawa emergency dentist, here is some advice that will help you maintain a healthy denture:

Go to routine dental consults

If you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night with a horrible tooth ache, you should not cancel your routine appointments with your local dentist. During these consults, your dentist will assess the health of your teeth, will clean them properly and will treat any minor cavities you may have. When cavities are identified from an early stage, the treatment is non-painful and implies very little stress for the patient. The best part is that your cavities will not be given the chance to advance and become a serious problem that will require weeks of potentially painful treatment.

Brush your teeth twice a day

Obviously, this is the number one self-hygiene rule when it comes to your denture. If you brush your teeth thoroughly (for 3-4 minutes) in the mornings and especially before going to sleep at night, you will prevent a lot of problems from appearing. Pay extra attention when brushing your teeth in the evening, because during the sleep plaque and bacteria that hasn’t been properly removed can form and lead to various dental problems.

Use dental floss

Another mistake that many people make is not using dental floss. No matter how well you may brush your teeth, there are still a few sides that you will never reach as thoroughly as you do with floss. Keep it in your purse or drawer at work and floss your teeth after every meal. In addition, floss your teeth before brushing them, because otherwise the bacteria that you remove from between your teeth will just remain in your mouth, if you brushed them beforehand.

Avoid eating too many sweets

Everyone has a sweet tooth sometimes, but eating too many sweets will only hurt your denture. If you can’t help yourself, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards or use some mouth wash to remove some of the sugar stuck between your teeth, as that is what may cause hidden cavities that you will only discover when they begin to hurt.