How to prepare for your grandchild’s wedding

Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Dancing at your grandchild’s wedding is probably something that you have been looking forward to. The wedding is not just a simple ceremony, but rather a symbol of commitment and hope for longevity. If your granddaughter’s wish has come true, then you should prepare for the big day. As a grandmother, you have assigned a special place, which means that you will be expected to complete some actions. Everything from picking out the gift to giving the bride advice is fairly simple. However, this is the least of your problems. The hardest part about following the wedding etiquette is choosing something to wear. There are certain restrictions regarding grandmother of the bride dresses for weddings. But is this all?

Getting ready

First of all, you should know what to expect. More precisely, there are many couples nowadays that simply prefer non0traditional ceremonies and exclude family members altogether. If you are honored by being escorted down the aisle, then you will be seated immediately after the parents. Within the traditional wedding, the grandparents are seated at the table together with the parents, According to wedding etiquette, you should immediately inform the bride if you are on a special diet or if you have mobility needs. This way, you can make sure that the arrangements are made in time. The couple will be more than willing to reserve you a special seat or to request a special meal for you. You should not feel as if you are placing a burden on someone.

Choosing the dress

You will be required to walk down the aisle to take your seat, so all the eyes will inevitably be on you. The wedding dress should always be selected according to the degree of formality of the event. This basically means that if the wedding is formal, you have to be elegant. If the ceremony is semi-formal, then you should not wear a sleeveless gown that exposes you too much or a skirt that hits below the knees. A pant suit and a casual dress are fine options. The one mistake that you should avoid is wearing a dress color that is too similar to that of the bride’s dress or even that of the bridesmaid’s. Another thing to avoid is putting on something that is too shiny. Since it is the day of the bride, she should the one getting all the attention, not you.

Give a meaningful gift

Some couples will definitely opt for the traditional wedding registry, but should your granddaughter decide to take a modern approach, you should be ready with a gift. Fortunately there are no rules regarding the type of gift that grandparents should give. Regardless of what you choose, you have to make sure that it has some kind of sentimental value, so that the couple can pass it on to the next generation. You can give cash in order to help the couple start their new life together or practical items. What you should pay attention to is the fact that you should present the gift on the wedding day itself.