How to use technology to find your lost dog

Posted on Sep 30, 2016

Keeping a dog as a pet is great, but things can get a bit stressful if it tends to run away all the time. Sometimes, dogs are naturally hyperactive for generic reasons, because of their breed, so they want to explore their surroundings as soon as they see a way out. Other times, owners leave them behind by accident, in front of supermarkets or in crowds. No matter what caused you pet to get lost, you should start looking for it immediately, because, unlike cats, they can’t find their way back easily. The more time passes until you start looking for your dog, the more the chances of finding it get lower, so you need to move fast. Fortunately, modern technologies such as Nut Bluetooth are here to help you. Bluetooth and GPS tracking systems have a variety of applications, especially for finding lost objects such as keys and wallets, but they are also surprisingly effective for finding pets. Here’s how they can help you.




Receive alerts as soon as your dog runs away


Imagine the following scenario: you leave your dog outside the supermarket to go buy something, but, as you shop inside, it breaks free from the leash and runs away. Normally, you wouldn’t find out about this until you finish shopping, which could be too late. By this time, your dog could be scared by all the people and traffic and end up really far, or worse, be stolen or hurt. However, if you place a small tracking device on its leash, you will be notified as soon as the pet gets farther than a pre-determined distance. This way, you’ll know exactly when it runs away and go outside the supermarket to catch it in time.


See where your dog is on the map


If you didn’t manage to catch your canine companion in time that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. You can use the same technology to locate it on the map. This way, you can organise a search party and friends and family can go looking around the found area. It’s definitely much more effective than printing leaflets and sticking them on trees and it’s less stressful too! You can keep these modern tracking devices on your dog’s leash all the time or just when you’re taking it for a walk outside and fear it might run away. The rest of the time, you can attach the tracker to items such as your phone, wallet or keys, which also tend to be misplaced easily.


Extra tips to find your dog more easily


To maximise efficiency, make sure you send alerts to all your friends who are using the tracking app. This way, you can cover more ground. Also, if a stranger should come across your beloved pet, they should be able to contact you at once, so make sure you have the dog’s name, owner name and phone number somewhere on the collar. Tracking apps are relatively accurate, but, if someone found your pet and took it in their home, you will need extra help.