Improve your interior design with ribbon accents

Posted on Oct 24, 2016

Making a change in your interior design from time to time is necessary, because the décor can seem a bit dull if you do not insert some new elements. It is not necessary to spend a great deal of money on new furniture items, or on expensive designer decorations, you can create your own decorative items at a far more affordable price. To give the space a more vivid touch, you should consider inserting some ribbon accents, because with so many ribbon for sale found on the market, you have the possibility to create some wonderful decorations. Here are some ways in which you can improve your interior design with ribbon:


Ribbon backdrop for the front door

If you want to enjoy a splash of colour right as you enter your home, then you can start by creating a ribbon backdrop for your front door. You will need a metal rod, and some long straps of ribbons, varying in colour. Tie each piece from the rod, and leave them flowing naturally, right above the floor. Place at the entrance, and you are finished. Give this idea a try, and you will certainly love the effect it will give the space.

Wall photo frames with a twist

Placing a beautiful frame with a unique photo capture on one of your walls can improve the décor of any room of the house. However, in order to make the frame seem more sophisticated and one-of-a-kind, accessorize it with ribbon. You can use even an old frame that has lost its appeal, just glue a strap of ribbon around the edges, and you will have a great decoration.

Ribbon streamers for the bedroom

Add a splash of colour to your bedroom, by designing a ribbon streamer. All you will need is a rod (consider the size you desire) and some colourful ribbons. You can check a step by step tutorial online, which will guide you into creating it. Place it above the bed as a decoration, and voila.

With so many DIY tutorials found online, you have the chance to design a wide range of decorations, easily and without spending more than a few bucks. You can start with these few simple ideas, and use your creativity to come up with many more. However, in order for each of your homemade items to look spectacular, you should invest in high quality ribbon supplies, and this means purchasing them from the right online shops. Look for the best offers and start creating.