Personalised wedding favours – the secret ingredient for a perfect wedding

Posted on Nov 30, 2016


A wedding day can be regarded as a both exciting, but stressful event, due to the fact that there are a lot of things which should be put in order. And some of the most important when it comes to this fact are the wedding favours. Which are the wedding favours more precisely? They are a symbol of the bride and groom’s love, but also of gratitude which the couple shows for all those people who take some hours from their time in order to come to the wedding party. And when it comes to the latest trends regarding to these accessories, you should know that personalised wedding favours are by far some of the most appreciated.

Types of personalised wedding favours for the winter season

Winter season is close, but it does not mean the bad weather or the low temperature should ruin your mood when it comes to organising a wedding party. And if they do, you should think about wedding favours and feel more cheerful. And here they are some of the most fashionable models:

  • Christmas is the perfect moment for decorating the house with candles. And our best advice is trying some scented flavours. Apple and cinnamon, vanilla, red berries or lavender are just some suggestions from where you can choose. And we know for sure that your guests are going to love them.
  • Personalised bags with chocolate and candles. Winter is the period when the majority of persons forget about diet and they allow themselves to enjoy something sweet. This is the reason why these favours are such a good idea.
  • Christmas decorations. If your wedding is somehow close to the Christmas period, try to offer your guests some handmade decorations which can help their house look fancier.
  • Personalised calendars. New Year is close and everybody needs a calendar for their house or office.
  • Personalised wedding favour gift bags – put inside some sweets and a small greeting card and your guests will appreciate them.

Wedding favours which are out of fashion this season

  • A Christmas decoration which has printed the face of the bride or groom on it. Ok, personalised wedding favours are on, but nobody wants to put a decoration with your face in his or her Christmas tree. Therefore, forget about this idea and try other suggestions from above.
  • A bottle of wine. Even if wine is always appreciated, these wedding favours are considered somehow a cliché, even if you put them some personalised covers.