Purchasing vs. renting a telehandler for your company

Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Running a building company these days is quite profitable, but you as a manager know how many things you have to handle in order for your business to stay on market. Also, if you are one of the reliable companies from the industry, you have plenty of projects, and their deadline is usually a short one. One way of improving the time of delivering a project is to hire only qualified workers, but there are situations, when they cannot handle some of the tasks from the building site. For example in the building process, there have to be lifted some heavy materials, and they might find difficult to do this, and the project might delay. In this situation, you have the possibility to contact a company that has telehandlers for hire, because it would ease their work. But in this situation, you have to decide if you buy or rent the telehandler. Here is a comparison between the two options, which would help you decide easier.

Why renting a telehandler

You might not have building projects on the entire period of the year, or some of them might not require using a telehandler, so you would find more cost effective to rent one. This is actually what specialists recommend on short and medium term. Also, your company might not have a great budget for investing in equipment, so you can simply collaborate with a company to provide you the telehandlers and other similar machines, when you need them. In addition, when you rent this type of equipment, you will not need in house mechanics, because if something wrong happens with them, the provider would fix them. You might not have the required budget for buying the latest equipment, because it is quite expensive, but you have the possibility to use it, by renting it from a specialised company.

Why purchasing a telehandler

Well, if you want to have the equipment available on the spot, you have to buy it, but in this situation, you would have to invest a significant amount from the capital from your company. It would be simpler to plan the projects in time, and know exactly when and for how long time you need the equipment, and rent it for less money. Sometimes you might find difficult to estimate the time for a certain project, so you would find more useful to have your own telehandler. However, you should know that every day new types of equipment come on the market, and if you invest in a device now, you might need the other one in the future and you will not afford to buy it. One advantage of buying your own equipment is that your worker get used with the device, and they would not have difficulties in running it. When you rent devices from a partner, they might find difficult to familiarize themselves with the device, but you have the possibility to ask the provider offer you the same equipment every time you need it.