The secret that will help your hair salon succeed

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

Hairstylists are generally viewed as creative and independent, which means that it is hard for them to manage a salon business. What a salon manager like you is required to do is become the heart and soul of the operations. A good manger will have to manage the staff and, more importantly cater to the needs of customers. But how is he supposed to accomplish all this? Well with the help of the best salon software. It is needless to say that such applications deliver unbelievable results in the sense that they increase customer retention and they help you manage your business more easily. Now you can take care of inventory management and other aspects as well.


Trouble-free appointment scheduling

When a customer calls, you have to check your calendar and, in the case that the request is available, enter the information of the person in the book. Until now, people used to rely mainly on paper books or spreadsheets, but what you should use is a salon booking software. It is possible to schedule appointments and even filter them by upcoming or completed with just one touch. If it were necessary to choose three words to describe the software, then the following would be appropriate: simple, easy, fast. Managing the scheduling process is generally difficult because you spend a lot of time to respond to customers and implicitly remind them of their upcoming appointments. Thanks to the salon application, you can automatically send confirmations and reminders, not to mention that you can include preferences as well.

Effective inventory management

Inventory is an aspect that is often ignored in salon management. Accurately tracking inventory is important both for making sure that the right amount of products is ordered and that wastage is limited. If you keep your stock stored in multiple locations, then keeping track of product usage can be a challenging task. However, this challenge can be addressed with the right application. Unlike reports that make is hard to verify stock levels, software will allow you to verify the stock levels in real time. Not only will you be able to know how much product should be used for a particular service, but how much is actually used. A salon app will allow you to search through the inventory by file name and of course filter the items by low, stocked or reorder. Is there anything else worth mentioning? What is important to say is that information like category, model or supplier are one click away.

Client management

Clients who want their hair styled according to their taste will make sure to communicate you all the information you need over the phone. Besides the fact that so many details are overwhelming, you will not be able to recall them all when you meet with the client. The good news is that salon software actually lets you remember important details, so that you will be fully prepared. In addition to this, knowing such information will come in handy when you will have to determine how long the service will take. Basically, it is a win-win situation since both you and the client will be satisfied.