Three decorations items perfect for any student room

Posted on May 3, 2016

When choosing to stay in a private student accommodation facility you benefit from many advantages, but sometimes people just do not like the way the room is decorated. Therefore, the landlords, in the majority of cases, do not have an issue with students bringing their own touch to the room. The only condition for them would be not to alter the state of the room, so this means that you cannot bring so many changes to it. Because every student wants to make his student room look more like home, here are three decoration items that are allowed in the majority of student accommodation Liverpool facilities.


This is the period when you definitely have a favourite artist or band, so why not using posters with them to decorate the walls of the room. You can buy them from a great number of online websites, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, so you would find some that meet your decoration ideas. Also, they are a cheap way of decorating the blank wall canvas from your room, and in case you have a roommate you can mix your posters for creating a wall of art. Because you have to care for the walls, you can buy from the market a special type of glue which will not stain the walls, and which will help you arrange the posters.


When you are away from home, you will definitely experience homesickness. So you might want to have some photos with your loved ones at sight. So why not using the walls to hang some of your favourite pictures. In case you do not want to hang pictures of your family and friends on the walls and you have travelled lately, then you should print some of the photos and put them on the walls. In this way, you will enjoy reminding the things you have done, and you will feel inspired to have new adventures. In addition, you can hang pictures with the places you intend to visit, to be sure that they are always in your focus. Other option would be to take photos of the most important moments of your college period, and hang them in a row to see how things changed.


There is not more amazing way to decorate the student room without altering its state than placing plants around the place. But, for being sure that they will remain as healthy and beautiful as you see them in the flower shop, you have to remember to water them. Flowers are an easy and lovely way of bringing colour and life into the room of a student, and you definitely have a favourite one to place there. In case you know that you are not the gardner type of person, then you should buy a cactus, because it is the type of plant that does not need a lot of care, and when you expect less, it makes the most beautiful flowers. Moreover, if you do not like flowers, well invest in some herbs, which will prove very useful when you will cook.