Time-saving tips for first time landlords

Posted on Jun 20, 2017

Whether you’re moving to another city and you’re not yet ready to sell, or you’ve just inherited a property that you don’t need, renting out is a good way to make passive income. However, it does come with the stress of becoming a landlord, which for some can be a deal breaker. There are many things that need to be considered, from property maintenance to property viewings and rent collection. If you’ve never done something like this before, then you might feel overwhelmed, so here are some tips to help you out.

Work with a letting agent

Dealing with the responsibilities of a landlord will make it hard for you to balance a healthy work and family life, so hiring letting agents in Stapleford are a viable option. These services exist primarily for busy home owners who don’t have the time to advertise their property, interview potential tenants, collect rent and manage the property. In exchange for a small fee, letting agents can take care of every one of these steps so you don’t have to. This shortens the letting process significantly and you can start enjoying the financial benefits of being a landlord as soon as possible.

Landlord insurance

Renting a property exposes you to certain risks that conventional home insurance does not cover, so, to avoid losses, it is advisable to look for landlord insurance, which most banks offer. Ideally, no one wants to ever use this insurance, but it is good to have in case tenants fail to pay rent or if they damage your house in any way. Moreover, some packages also pay for the injuries sustained on your property or for potential rehousing costs. The more properties you own and rent, the bigger the discounts on landlord insurance.

Learn to think like a business person

Being a landlord is, in many ways, similar to running your own business, so you have to learn to think as such if you are to make maximum profit. Start reading more about your local real estate market and how you could bring your property at the highest level possible. Seek out investment opportunities and don’t hesitate to make home improvements if they could make the property more appealing. Last, but not least, try to maintain a professional distance between you and your tenants to prevent rent delays or agreements that would not work to your financial benefit.
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