uPVC doors  – common problems and how to fix them

Posted on Jun 20, 2017


There is no denying that uPVC doors are popular. They are durable, incredibly affordable, and low maintenance in terms of painting and varnishing. uPVC doors are the most common type of doors used in the UK, but they are a good choice for any requirement. However, uPVC door repairs are a common fact of life and at one point or another, you will want to call in the experts. You cannot afford to ignore door problems because they can develop into costly issues. This is what can go wrong.

uPVC door catches at the side or bottom of the frame

Despite the fact that uPVC doors are highly appreciated, they do cause problems every now and them. Since apertures are very heavy in weight and can expand and contract due to changes in temperature, they can get caught in on the side or bottom of the frame. Simply put, the uPVC doors become misaligned with the frame.

If the change in size results in a misalignment of the door with the frame, you need to solve this problem. You will not be able to open or close the door. Maybe you can manage to lock and unlock the entrance, but with great difficulty. If you wait too long, the uPVC door cannot be fixed anymore. Get in touch with a company that specialises in uPVC door repair.

Faulty uPVC mechanism

Faulty mechanisms are not uncommon, especially when it comes to uPVC doors. If the lock mechanism on your entrance door has just given up, it may be necessary to have it replaced. Replacing full mechanisms is not cheap, which is why most homeowners prefer doing things themselves. Do not follow their example. If there is a problem with the locking mechanism, call a specialist. Although it seems unlike, doing so will keep costs to a minimum.

uPVC door will lock from one side

The key only works from one side. If the uPVC door will not let you lock from the other side, a replacement lock barrel may be required. You are stubborn and you try to force the key. When this happens, the key becomes jammed and you cannot remove it. Now would be the time to call the professionals. Only an expert is able to get the lock working from both sides. The job is simple and involves no complications. Resist the temptation of taking matters into your own hands.