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Being unemployed in today’s uncertain economy and work market is not a desirable prospect, especially if an entire family relies on you to provide them with money. Nevertheless, it does happen and sometimes for reasons that have nothing to do with your skills or performance. From large enterprises downsizing or shutting down branches to small businesses shutting down, there are numerous problems that can lead to you getting fired and becoming unemployed. Once this happens, it’s essential not to panic and focus on two goals. First, you should make sure you receive financial help from your local authorities. Second, you should try to make this unemployment period as small as possible and get back on the work market in any way you can. There will be challenges along the way, but you have to approach them with calm and professionalism.



Once you become unemployed, you will have to go to your local unemployment office and submit some paperwork. You will then appear in their records as unemployed and, for a period of time that varies from one region to another, you will receive a monthly allowance. Most people don’t know what office they should go to and when they are open, so search for something like allocations chomage 93 to find out. You can also ask them on the phone what documents you need to bring.


Lack of career prospects

Unfortunately, the monthly allowance is not the same as a salary and you cannot rely on it to support a family. Therefore, after taking some time to relax and recharge your batteries, you have to seriously consider your career opportunities. Don’t feel discouraged and don’t stop trying, because you never know where a new opportunity might come from. Send you resume to as many companies as possible, even if they are out of your league. Also, don’t forget to ask at the unemployment office too, because they have jobs as well. Even if the salary is not impressive, it is not the time to be picky. It’s better to start with a lower paid job and climb the career ladder (or change the job when you have a better offer) than to stay at home and hope for the best.


Learning a new skill

If you can’t find a job because your particular skill is no longer in high demand or if you can’t physically do it anymore, you will feel that your career prospects are considerably restrained and that you’ll never find a job again. In these moments, it’s essential to pick yourself up and be flexible. Why not learn a new skill, one that is in high demand in your region? Even if you are older, that is still possible. For example, if you ask around at your local unemployment office, you can learn about courses and training seminars for beginners. These are either free or very cheap and you can take them to unlock new career options.

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